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Community wide prayer event coming soon to a HighLine Canal near you Denver, Colorado.

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Minister Nichole Davis interview with KPOF


Walk It Out 

Saturday, September 21, 2013 was a glorious day as friends and family came out to participate in the first annual Rohi Ministry "Walk It Out" fundraiser. After a week of rain God cleared the skies for a wonderful occasion which began on the 7th hole at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Course. This event was a four-mile journey which included prayer, meditating on God's word and gaining a deeper spiritual ​connection. Participants got the opportunity to walk at their own pace along the Highline Canal Trail where they were able to stop at prayer stations along the way.


At each station, prayer warriors would touched and agreed with participants on their prayer request. There was a vast array of stations throughout the four-mile walk, including Healing,

Salvation, Family, Relationship, Life Purpose, Health, and prayer for the Nation. The Lord truly blessed this day and His mercy began early that morning. During the set-up of the event Minister J Michael Thompson, Founder of Rohi Ministry, was preparing the prayer stations along the trail.

This of course occurred long before the 7:00 am start time. During that preparation, the trail was dark, however J Michael noticed that as he walked along the trail and placed the prayer station scriptures, a full moon was in the sky and the moon followed him and provided all the light he needed along the trail. This was truly a blessing and brought to mind the promise of God that, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." If that wasn't enough to show God's presence, the miracles that came after the walk were incredible. Here are just a few of the personal testimonies: